China, Mexico develop NANO tech to tackle pollution

Added On August 22, 2017

Scientists from China and Mexico are discussing how to use nano technology to develop renewable energy and avoid environmental pollution.
The Mexico-China workshop on Nano Materials was held on Sunday in Cancun, Mexico.
A Mexican expert said environmental issues are problems faced by both countries.
The expert said Mexico and China have been suffering from water quality problems, and need more efficient and environment-friendly methods to deal with the issues.
The current method for purifying industrial wastewater is to use iron powder. But it is expensive and leaves a large amount of sludge behind as a byproduct. 
Mexican and Chinese scientists are attempting to find more environment-friendly ways to solve the problem.
Another Mexican expert explained a recent experiment to remove heavy metals in drinking water by the nanomaterials they developed.
Nano technology could also help resolve problems of air pollution.
A Chemistry professor at Peking University said Chinese scientists have produced nanomaterials that change pollutants into other substances that are not harmful to humans.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) SUN LINGDONG, Professor at Peking University
I hope the development of nano technology can not only benefit us, but also attract the world to produce and apply it in the green industry.
Scientists at the workshop also discussed possible nano solutions for saving energy and energy conversion. 
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LI JUN, Professor at Tsinghua University
Nano technology has long been expected to make revolutionary changes to society, which are especially important in areas such as new energy resources, new materials and bio-medicine.
A professor at the City University of Hong Kong, one of the workshop's organizers, said China and Mexico have great potential in the field of nanotechnology.