A Brazilian Coach'S China Dream

Added On August 29, 2017

Mateus Martins is a Brazilian football coach who came to China to pursue his dream.
Today LIFESTYLES tells his story about training the future Chinese players in a Brazilian way.
"My name is Mateus Martins. I'm from Brazil. I was a professional player before. And now already ten years living in China.  Especially in Guangdong Province in Dongguan. Now I have my own soccer football training.
"We want to help more and more people like football and also express the happiness of playing football."
"I came to China in 2007. My old brother first came to China and gave me this opportunity to come. And I fell in love with China and start to have this dream. To play football here and also help these kids some special Brazilian secrets about football."
"My first job here working with football school was with Arsenal football school from England. I have this opportunity to be with this company doing one year. After that, Arsenal football school went to Hong Kong."
"And I prefer to stay in Guangdong. Stay in China, because at that time I was playing the professional 5-side league in Guangdong province. And at that time, I started my own football school."
"After that, I have the opportunity to go inside the SoccerWorld company, a very big company in China about football. And I did as a national coach in SoccerWorld. After that I decided to do my own school again."
"Because doing too big we are losing a little big why we came to China. We came to China to make people love football, our first goal is not do a very big business, our first goal is if we can change one more kid to love football, we are already very happy."
"So this is our office. We use to keep some memories, pictures from our history here in China. We hope we can continue doing more and more. You see some trophies and my pictures of very own soccer player."
"We normally use this office to introduce my job to other people. It's good to have one base and sometimes I come here to study football, and check the news about football. And also drink Chinese tea. Here also have some newspaper of my history here."
"I was a professional soccer player in South America. And I moved too much to many cities. Six months here, six months there. And then when I came to China, I think it's time to stop and find my real home."
"And people of Dongguan always receive me very well, I have many friends here, and I think if I stay longer in one place, I'll start to have good relations with people. People start to believe me, believe in my job. In Chinese, we say haoguanxi(good relationship)."
"And now you see my daughter was born in China. My family is here, my wife also works here, our home, really home now is Dongguan. Here in DongGuan, we have a big community of Brazilian people. We are not the only one Brazilian living in Dongguan. So we always have some chances and time to be with Brazilian guy."  
"My three assistant coaches are also from Brazil. They also have families here. Every foreigner has his own way to face China."
"China is developing and improving. And the way Chinese people treat us, as foreigners, are always friendly. That's important for us."
"I'm really proud of coming to China, and do what I love, is working with football far away from my country. My home is 1800 kilometers from here, and now I walk in the street and have many friends, people come to my school, people believe in my job. We have really good life here in Dongguan."
"And we really love China and we want to stay here longer."