Talk Brics: Proffesor Hails Major Achievements

Added On September 5, 2017

 It's been 11 years since the forming of the BRIC in 2006, when Brazil, Russia, India and China came together for the first time. 
The acronym was changed to BRICS after South Africa joined the group in 2010. 
We spoke to an Indian Professor from Jawaharlal Nehru University, who praised the group accomplishments so far - and said there's more to come. 
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH):Varaprasad Sdolla Prof. of JNU 
"I think one of the key accomplishments of the Brics is the Brics countries managed to come together in the first place, with the divergent political institutions, despite the differences,they came together, presenting different continents. Initially, of course in the first few years, south Africa was not part of it, and now south Africa is included, and that would make a little more preventative. Secondly, in the last ten years in the first decade, they set up two important mechanisms, one is the AIIB bank, which is indeed an accomplishment with values set aside, provide money for the development of the Brics countries. and even in the GOA Bricks Summit, they gained a common idea to initiated, to propose a various of initiatives, including common research program in agriculture, to promote agriculture development among the Brics countries, and also innovation, to help Brics countries to become innovative nations, because both China and India have had their own goals to become nations of innovation, and this must be expanded, and I am sure, in the next few years, the Brics countries would come together to set up an innovation funds to promote technological innovations within Brics countries. that's is one of the imperatives, a pressing needs for these countries to move up the ladder of technological advancements. Third accomplishment is the economic ties inside the Brics countries, having promoting trades among themselves, as you see in the last ten years, we find the trade in these countries are increased quite substantially, and this can be taken seriously, and with dedicated agenda, with focused agenda, they can actually promote trade among the Brics countries, and also the aid of the AIIB is also one of the microcosm of this economic ties that can actually facilitate the economic development within the Brics countries. therefore, the accomplishments the Brics countries so far, have managed to become reality, can be strengthened further, consolidate further in the second gold decade as well, and therefore, my view is for the Brics countries, we have a better future in the days ahead, provided this "Brics plus" model becomes a successful proposition, making the Bricks countries or the Bricks Model truly inclusive, truly democratic, and truly preventative."