Talk BRICS:Experts' views on BRICS Summit

Added On September 5, 2017

 As the 9th BRICS Summit in China's Xiamen reaches its third day, international scholars and experts discuss one of the highlights of the event, the BRICS Business Forum.

Many of the delegates at the 9th BRICS Summit see the bloc as an opportunity to make emerging economies stronger, and allow them to a greater presence on the world stage.
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC) KAMAL HASSAN ALI, Arab League's assistant secretary general 
This BRICS summit is so important. And that's because year after year this kind of summit with its positive impacts on its members and on the economy of the developing countries will eliminate and break the economic monopoly of some global superpowers that have been controlling world economic situation for decades, and give the chance to some new and fresh big economies to lead the world economy, like Brazil, South Africa, India, Russia and China. All these countries are the next economic giants that will play really big roles in changing the global economic situation and the summit represents a new kind of economic cooperation that's so different from the former economic cooperation systems and organizations that we used to depend on. And I think this new kind of cooperation will help both sides to solve many economic, political and social problems.
Ali says despite the members' differences, the BRICS summit focuses on economic cooperation, which makes it different from other kinds of cooperation proposed by powers over the past decades. 
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC) KAMAL HASSAN ALI, Arab League's assistant secretary general 
The special about the BRICS is that it's 100% economic cooperation, Regardless of what any political party believes or any political positions and targets, the BRICS give all countries a good chance to cooperate and develop itself. One of the biggest problems that we faced in the past decades is the non-separation of politics and economic cooperation, so in the past a lot of superpowers were using the economic cooperation to control the developing countries. We all expect that the BRICS will give us a new concept of economic cooperation that depends on supporting sustainable development, strong, balanced and inclusive growth, financial stability, and balanced combination of measures ensuring social and economic development for everybody without any monopolies.
Professor Varaprasad S Dolla also discussed the BRICS vision, saying it is important for BRICS countries to treat each other as equals.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) VARAPRASAD S DOLLA, Professor with Jawaharlal Nehru University
The BRICS has now emerged as a major works. And therefore it is likely that they will have a lot more than they had before to contribute to the economic governance. We need to go beyond this binary between the developed and developing countries now. Of course they have differences, but then we need to look at the global economic governance architecture as one and then accordingly come together to make sure that the poorest of the poor may find some kind of voice in the economic governance within the global community. And I think the day that happens, we find justice for all becomes a reality. 
The 9th BRICS Summit is taking place in the southeastern city of Xiamen from September 3rd to 5th.