S.Koreans Fight For Removal of THAAD

Added On September 9, 2017

In South Korea, the protest against the deployment of the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense continues...

Demonstrators gathered outside the presidential office on Friday, expressing their anger at the Moon Jae-in government for the violent suppression on anti-THAAD civilians.

Residents living near the THAAD deployment site, 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul, held a press conference outside the Blue House.

Peace activists who have been fighting against the U.S. missile shield for over 400 days also joined them.

They criticized the Moon Jae-in government as the remaining THAAD elements were transported Thursday morning to the former golf course in Seongju county.

Hundreds of villagers attempted to block the transportation, but they were violently dispersed by about 8,000 policemen.

The protesters said in a statement that the village was completely devastated.

Local media reports that President Moon Jae-in was mulling giving a message to people over the THAAD deployment, but it was uncertain when the president's message would be given.

The reports quoted an unnamed official, saying there was a possibility for the president not to deliver any message to people.

In April, two launchers and other equipment were already delivered to the village.

As the additional installation and construction works, the U.S. missile shield was forecast to get into full operation in the foreseeable future.