Xiongan New Area-1st land compensation granted to local farmer

Added On September 11, 2017

Five months into the announcement by the Chinese government to establish a new economic zone southwest of Beijing...
The first land compensation funds were granted to a farmer who gave up his land for the area on Saturday.
Jiang Junming was the first to sign a land contract with the local government.
He received 640 U.S. dollars for his loss on Saturday.
Like Jiang, 240 farmer households gave up a total of 1,000 mu, or about 65 hectares of land for the construction of a temporary administrative center in Rongcheng.
The affected farmers can receive about 230 U.S. dollars per mu annually as land compensation, and another 230 dollars in compensation for agricultural losses.
100 kilometers south of Beijing, the Xiongan New Area covers Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin counties in Hebei Province.
It is expected to facilitate the coordinated development of Beijing and the surrounding region.
Jiang says the amount is greater than what he could earn from crops on the land. He hopes natives in Xiongan will live a better life in the future.