Thai Latex Pillows Booming for Chinese Market

Added On September 11, 2017

Latex pillows are popular in China in recent years.

Thai latex pillow manufacturers are taking up the opportunity.

CNC World traveled to Beungkarn, a province in North East of Thailand where rubber factories are growing increasingly.

We met with Thanawanij, a business man with years of experience in the rubber industry.

He used to sell raw rubber lumps to his Chinese friends in South China three years ago

However, Thanawanij's Chinese friends advised him to turn his raw rubber into value added products, like the latex rubber pillow.

From then on, Thanawanij spent his time studying on latex rubber pillow.

"Look at this pillow. It has protruding bumps. The Chinese like it because the bumps can help massage the neck. I have sent our usual latex pillows without the bumps and the feedback from Chinese customers were not so great."

An official from the Ministry of Commerce said the Thai government has been giving its full support to small and medium sized companies like this latex pillow factory.

SOUNDBITE (THAI): CHANYUT WUNDEE, Director of Commerce Ministry, Beungkarn Province
"For example this fatory is able to produce about 2,000 latex pillows. The factory's customers include the domestic and overseas markets. But as for now, our number one customer is Chinese traders, who take up about 80 percent of our market share."

According to the Thai Rubber Association's statistics for 2016, Thailand is the world's largest rubber producer, with 4.47 million tonnes of it having been produced in 2015 alone.

The country is responsible for one-third of the world's total output.