Pirate Festival Held in Los Angeles

Added On September 11, 2017

The Shoreline Village Pirate Festival was held in Long Beach, Los Angeles during the weekend.

The event was opened to public for free, offering an opportunity for families to spend an exotic weekend together.

Many cosplayers dressed in costumes made by themselves to join the festival.

Children in their best pirate outfit hopped on a pirate ship presented by Spirit Cruises.

Audience could enjoy some live sword fighting show and sang songs along with pirate bands.

"It brings something where a lot of families can come and get a chance to see what real pirates could have been. We have made all of our outfits. We spoke the language that pirates actually spoke."

Pirates of the Caribbean have been a source of fascination for more than 300 years. All kinds of events were created based on the pirate culture and become very popular all over the world.

"The Pirate Festival is a way to get us on a crew out there to let everybody know that we are coming for them, that we'll never stop until we've hit every single port. And everybody shiver in their boots."