Song Dynasty garden excavated in Chongqing

Added On September 12, 2017

Archaeologists have excavated a two-thousand-year-old garden in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.
The garden, measuring 5,000 square meters, is believed to have been built in Southern Song dynasty, about 19 centuries ago.
Let's take a look.
The garden used to belong to Hezhou Yamun, the local government office in the 13th century.
It was found in Diaoyu Fortress, a key cultural heritage site under state protection. 
Yuan Dongshan, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Institute of Archaeology, is in charge of excavations.
Soundbite YUAN DONGSHAN, Deputy director
We found a pond under the cut-off ditch and the pond is a public one. It is much larger than the private pool located on the other side of the cut-off ditch. The garden consists of these two parts. 
Yuan Dongshan told Xinhua that the private pool was found in 2012, in the southeast part of Fanjiayan site, which is today the most complete Yamun site from the Song dynasty. 
Yuan and his team say the pools were used for decoration.
Soundbite Yuan Dongshan, Deputy director 
It is very clear that this garden was constructed in late Southern Song Dynasty, but is was ruined in early Yuan dynasty(around 1240-1280A.D).It covers around 5,000 square meters.
Yuan believes the excavation process of the garden will be completed in November.
It could be the most complete example of a 13th century Yamun garden in China, and potentially east Asia.