ASEAN plus three community to strengthen ties

Added On September 12, 2017

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its three East Asian dialogue partners China, Japan and South Korea, said Sunday they will intensify economic cooperation.
The group said more cooperation would build a stronger ASEAN Plus Three or APT community.
ASEAN economic ministers began a four-day meeting in Filipino capital Manila on Thursday on strengthening economic ties and integrating trade and investment in Southeast Asia.
Philippine Trade Undersecretary Ceferino Rodolfo told press that APT ministers are reaffirming cooperation efforts in line with a renewed APT Economic Work Plan. 
Rodolfo said the Philippines can benefit from APT cooperation initiatives, as these could help the country increase its digital economy, supply chain connectivity, micro, small and medium enterprises development, and trade facilitation.
Philippine Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said ministers also welcome the efforts of the East Asia Business Council in helping regional micro, small and medium enterprises obtain digital trade opportunities and find new ways of doing business.
The Philippines holds the chair of this year's ASEAN, and is hosting the 49th ASEAN Economic Ministers' meeting and other activities.
Also participating are economic and trade ministers from ASEAN's dialogue partners,including Australia, Canada and the U.S.