Robot skills competition in China

Added On September 12, 2017

China's National Industrial Robot Application Skills Competition took place in Central China's Wuhu city over the weekend.
The contest drew nearly 200 robotics experts in China.
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Over 300 robots were in put into operation by 182 experts drawn from the country's 28 provinces and 12 large state-owned enterprises.
This is the second edition of the competition. 
SOUNDBITE: ZHOU MING, Chinese Ministry of Industry & Info Technology
"Our reward specifications for the contest have improved a lot this year."
This year's contest focused on occupation ability evaluation and aesthetic requirements. 
Each contestant took on different tasks to reflect personalization and flexible production in intelligent manufacturing. 
SOUNDBITE: ZHOU MING, Chinese Ministry of Industry & Info Technology
"The spirit of innovation and enterprising has also largely improved compared to last year. We hope the competition will make some progress in occupation education and make a contribution to the 'Made in China 2025' plan.
China set up the national robotics contest as one of the country's national skills competitions last year to meet growing demand from global intelligence development.