Illinois pitches for Chinese investment

Added On September 13, 2017

Illinois is already one of America's most prosperous states. 
But Governor Bruce Rauner is keen for more, and is heading for a tour of East Asia to pitch for business.
CNC went to Chicago, to catch up with him.
Governor Rauner will meet with government and business leaders to expand trade relationships during his 9-day trip to China and Japan
He said he would like to invite more Chinese companies to explore business opportunities in Illinois.
SOUNDBITE: BRUCE RAUNER, Governor of Illinois
"There are thousands of Illinoisans who work for Chinese companies here in Illinois. And China is one of the fastest growing investment sources in the United States of America and in the state of Illinois. And we will be expanding our trade relationship with China. We will be talking with some of the companies that already have locations here in Illinois, we will be talking to some companies that have been thinking about coming to the Mid-West."
Rauner said he had high hopes for Illinois's business relationship with China, which had seen rapid economic growth and workforce quality improvement. 
He said he believed China will be one of the U.S. most important partners.
Illinois is one of the U.S.'s most populated and prosperous states. 
In 2016, its GDP reached more than 791 billion U.S. dollars.