World Hakka Conference to be held in HK

Added On September 13, 2017

The 29th World Hakka Conference is to be held in Hong Kong from October 12 to 15. 
The event is expected to attract around 3,000 Hakkas from 24 countries and districts all over the world.
The World Hakka Conference was first initiated in Hong Kong in 1971, five decades ago, and in Asia, America and Africa. 
Hakkas - or literally "guest families" - are descended from Han Chinese, but have their own unique language. 
Notably from Guangdong, Fujian and other regions in Southern China, they have established a reputation of China's most disaporic group, and a large proportion of its 80 million population today live overseas.
As such, the conference gives a bridge for Hakka people at home and abroad to reconnect.
YU PANG-CHUN, President of Hong Kong Mei Zhou Association, said "the conference takes "Setting Sail Together" as the theme this year, which aims to gather Hakka people all over the world and will set sail from Hong Kong again."  
The event offers a range of localized activities, including Hakka Cup Horse Race, Hakka Cultural Forum and World Hakka Youth Summit, which aim at promoting spirit of innovation, rejuvenation and sustainability in the younger generation.