POWERCHINA donates to Indonesian charity

Added On September 13, 2017

The Power Construction Corporation of China on Tuesday donated 50,000 U.S dollars to the University of Indonesia Incubator Team to support the country's free incubator program.
The Indonesian Premature Baby Foundation was set up by Raldi Koesoer, a professor from University of Indonesia.
The Foundation initiated a free incubator program that provides free incubators to poor families with premature babies. 
To support the program, POWERCHINA, one of the largest state-owned electricity companies in China,  donated money to the foundation to help manufacture low-cost premature infant incubator named Grashof. 
The 13 kilogram incubator has helped 1,500 babies in Indonesia to survive.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): HE YUXIN, POWERCHINA Asia Pacific Vice President (05:01 - 05:29)
"We are not experts on designing and manufacturing premature infant incubator, but POWERCHINA should do something to contribute to this meaningful program. So we donated 50,000 U.S. dollars to the University of Indonesia Incubator Team to support the Grashof Incubator Program."
Koestoer invented the low-cost incubator which only costs 250 U.S. dollars for each.
He spoke highly of the donation from POWERCHINA.
SOUNDBITE (BAHASA): RALDI KOESTOER, Founder of The Indonesian Premature Baby Foundation
"The donation will add some 200 more incubators. Yet, incubators require volunteers. We will also cooperate with small and medium enterprises, and set up small factories as pilot projects to produce incubators in other cities."
Koestoer said the foundation seeks to expand its operation to 300 cities throughout Indonesia, and even to Africa and Latin America.