Brunei welcomes more investment from China

Added On September 13, 2017

14th China-ASEAN expo is underway in southern China's Nannning.
The expo has brought many government officials and business leaders from the ASEAN countries to talk about and seek business opportunities together. 
In a round-table meeting with some Chinese entrepreneurs and CEOs on Tuesday, Brunei's Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah says his government hopes to explore more trades with China. 
Hassanal says China and Brunei have enjoyed a long history of trade cooperation in many areas in the past decades. 
The Sultan welcomes more investments in various areas from China and other countries. 
"Currently, my governments' focus is to diversify our economy from upstream oil gas. And I believe there are opportunities for China to benefit from more involvement in this process. The prominent areas we have identified are in halal industry, innovative technology, creative industries, business services, tourism and downstream oil and gas. We certainly want interest from foreign companies, looking to cooperate and invest in these classes."
China has become one of Brunei's major import countries since the establishment of ties between the two countries in 1990.
The bilateral trade has increased from 13 million U.S. dollars to 720 million in 2016.