Thailand & Japan sign EEC deals

Added On September 13, 2017

Officials and leaders from Thailand and Japan attended a symposium Tuesday to strengthen economic ties between the two countries. 
The symposium has seen seven deals signed.
Under the theme of "Thailand 4.0 towards Connected Industries", the event was hosted by the Thai government.
The agreements cover industrial upgrades, investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor, human development, and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Japan's 570-member delegation was led by the minister of Economy, Trade and Investment of the country.
The minister said the Japanese government has launched a policy to upgrade its industries through automation, robotics and big data. 
This could be also applied to Japanese manufacturing in Thailand and across the globe. 
Thai Industry Minister showed his welcome to the investors, saying the investments in the EEC in the first five years are expected to reach 43 billion US dollars.
He said memorandums of understanding would lead to concrete action soon.