Google wants a smart city HK

Added On September 13, 2017

Google Hong Kong unveiled its "Smarter Digital City Whitepaper" on Tuesday.
The paper outlines Google's plan to get citizens using their smartphones for more technologically advanced things. 
The study found that 97 percent of Hong Kong citizens know the concept of "smart city", which means an urban development vision to integrate information and communication technology to manage a city. 
However, more than half - 58 percent - of smart phone users are rated as having a low level of digital technology engagement. 
They only use mobile phones for communicating, searching information and entertaining.
Only 4 percent of users are rated as a high level digital technology engagement. 
They use a variety of digital technology in daily life and related products, including the voice input instructions, and virtual reality technology.
With interactivity lagging, Google Hong Kong has announced its plan to make Hong Kong a more connected city. 
It proposes integrating the company's 3D identification, translation and virtual reality technology, into city life.
SOUNDBITE: LEONIE VALENTINE, Managing Director of Google Hong Kong 
"The way I look at the smart city for Hong Kong is a team sport. We really need to encourage more collaboration and more co-creation. It shouldn't just be the role of government to make these investment. And to this point, I’m really honest that the government in Hong Kong has really done a good job on spending money on the infrastructure we need." 
Google Hong Kong conducted an investigation together with Nielson among 1,000 local consumers.