Hosts for 2024 & 2028 Olympics unveiled

Added On September 14, 2017

Paris and Los Angeles have been named as host cities for 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics.
The International Olympic Committee confirmed the announcement at its meeting on Wednesday in Lima, Peru.
"I have the great honor to announce that the international Olympic Committee has simultaneously elected the host city of the games of the 33rd Olympiad, 2024 and the host city of the games of the 34th Olympiad, 2028 -- Paris 24, Los Angles 28."
It's the first time the IOC has granted two Summer Olympics at once.
Unusually, there was no need for a vote with only two cities left bidding for the two available spots. 
Budapest, Rome and Hamburg had all withdrawn their bids due to mixture of rising costs and public pressure back home.
But for LA and Paris, that was all by the by, there was only celebration. 
Both cities will now host their third summer Olympics.
For Paris, it will be a full hundred years since the the city last held the games, back in 1924.
At the announcement, thousands of people burst into cheering. 
Hundreds of Paris citizens gathered at the Trocadero to celebrate the Olympic Games' return. 
SOUNDBITE(FRENCH) LUDOVIC BESSON, French decathlon athlete
"It's a huge honor to present to the world that Paris is the best city to host the 2024 Games. We are ready to work from now until 2024."
"Paris deserves to be awarded as the host for the 2024 Games because it's a sporting city."
A statue of the Olympic Rings was erected at the Trocadero, just in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower. 
The Rings will remain in place until September 17, before they travel around the city for the people of Paris to enjoy.