Chinese company creats jobs in Poland

Added On September 18, 2017

Malgorzata Bielica has been working at Liugong Dressta Machinery for 35 years as a technical expert. 
Although it has only been five years since the Chinese company invested in Poland, many local employees served at the Chinese enterprise. 
In the company located in the city of Stalowa Wola, southeastern Poland, Malgorzata takes out old photos to explain why Liugong Dressta has a special meaning for her. 
Her father also used to work for HSW, a company preceding Liugong Dressta, as an engineer for more than 50 years. 
At work, Malgorzata met her husband. 
In 2012, when she learned that the company was going to be acquired, Malgorzata, as did other Polish employees, had some concerns. 
In February 2012, China Guangxi Liugong invested about 49 million U.S. dollars and made the acquisition of Central and Eastern Europe's largest machinery manufacturer -- Poland HSW's civil engineering machinery division. Liugong also gained a 100-percent stake and access to HSW wholly-owned subsidiary company Dressta. 
Malgorzata said she was worried about whether she and her husband could keep their "iron rice bowl."
However, not only did they continue to work there, the welfare improved. 
Three years ago, after graduating from university, Malgorzata's daughter Katarzyna chose to return to her parents' and grandfather's workplace and became a member of Liugong.
According to Liugong Dressta, the company has provided more than 1,200 job opportunities in the region, with a total of about 66 million U.S. dollars of taxes and fees contribution to the country between years 2012 and 2016. 
On Liugong's initiative, Stalowa Wola City and Liuzhou City of southwest China plan to be sister cities and expand cooperation.