Cuban gov´t to fund partly construction materials for Hurricane victims

Added On September 19, 2017

HAVANA, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Cuban government will pay 50 percent of construction materials needed by victims of Hurricane Irma, which blasted the island over a week ago, an official statement said on Monday.

"Taking into account the severe damage caused by Hurricane Irma and the positive experiences gained during the recovery of Hurricanes Sandy and Matthew, the Cuban government decided to fund 50 percent of the price of construction materials to be sold to people affected by the total or partial destruction of their homes," said the statement.
In every case, local Defense Councils must certify the extent of the damages and approve the resources to be assigned.
Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean over a week ago, leaving 10 dead and damaging about 39,000 homes nationwide, according to early estimates. Final figures about the damage are expected in coming days.
The Cuban government commonly subsidizes construction materials to help victims of natural disasters reconstruction.