Algerian army vows to modernize naval fleet

Added On October 1, 2017

ALGIERS, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- An Algerian top military officer said on Saturday that the army is willing to modernize the naval fleet for more "operational efficiency."

The remarks were made by Chief of Staff Gen. Ahmed Gaid Salah during his visit to Naval Forces Command, according to a statement from the National Defense Ministry.

He said the modernization of fleet is part of the national development plan to modernize the army in order to enhance defense capabilities.
The navy should carry out its missions with required efficiency in coordination with other forces, and consolidate its permanent and efficient presence in the Mediterranean, Salah noted.
The general also called on the navy to win challenges and deter potential threats.
"It has been imperative for us to ensure the success of the actions and to guarantee all factors of success in the missions assigned," he said.
Algeria aims to build a deterrent navy force in the Mediterranean region. Since 2011, it has bought several state-of-the-art warships capable of operating within a very wide radius to accomplish various missions.