Red Star Design EXPO in USTB

Added On October 1, 2017

As one of the main activities of Beijing Design Week, the 2017 Red Star Design Expo has kicked off in University of Science and Technology Beijing, or USTB.
The Red Star Design Awards is the most prestigious Chinese Award in the design industry. It was established in China in 2006, and is committed to encouraging creative and functional design and promoting design industry.
At this year’s expo, the exhibits’ number has increased up to more than 1,000 pieces.
The two-day expo was co-sponsored by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Red Star Design Award, and USTB.
“I graduated from USTB last year and came back this time just for this expo. I am so motivated as there are so many talented graduates and creative products born in my university. I am so proud of seeing all these. I hope this expo can be recognized by more people as well as can be chosen by more students in the future.” 
Under the principle of “justice, openness, public welfare, high level and international ”, the Red Star Design Expo has realized the mutual recognition with “Good Design” from Korea and “International Design Award” from Australia.