Chinese fishing vessel collision kills 13

Added On October 8, 2017

Now the latest on the toppled Chinese fishing vessel in western Japan.
Seven more bodies were found, bringing the total death toll to 13.
The Chinese fishing vessel collided with a tanker of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region early Thursday in international waters some 400 km north of the Oki Islands in western Japan.
Earlier, one of the 16 crew members on board of the fishing vessel was found dead, three were rescued by nearby fishing vessels, while 12 others were missing.
Three patrol vessels of the Japan Coast Guard have begun work since early Friday with frogmen sent to search for the missing people.
Five bodies were found in the toppled Chinese fishing vessel on Friday morning and seven more were found in the afternoon. 
The bodies have been transferred to another Chinese fishing vessel nearby.
Chinese Consulate General in Osaka said it will continue to keep contact with the Japanese side to coordinate for the follow-up issues.