China National Day Holiday - travel rush

Added On October 9, 2017

China's railway system is embracing another peak day on Sunday, the last day of the eight-day National Day holiday.
Millions of Chinese are expected to travel back home from vacation. 
Chinese railways have been busy during the holiday, carrying people to tourist attractions or back home for family reunions.
According to the China Railway Corporation, over 100 million trips have been made since the holiday travel rush started on Sept. 28.
On Friday, more than 12 million trips were made, up nearly nine percent year on year.
With even more passengers on Saturday and Sunday, the company has arranged over 900 more trains to ensure smooth travel.
Police have also put more personnel on roads.
Traffic flow on major expressways on Friday increased nearly seven percent over the previous day and will continue increasing.
The Friday figure had a year-on-year growth of 23 percent.
Nationwide, more than 200,000 police officers were dispatched each day to handle travel peaks.