Establishment of confucius institute worldwide

Added On October 9, 2017

Official figures showed that a total of 516 Confucius Institutes and over 1,000 Confucius Classrooms have been established in 142 countries and regions.
According to the Confucius Institute Headquarters, among the established , 135 Confucius Institutes were set up in 51 countries along the Belt and Road.
Since the Confucius Institute was established 13 years ago, more than 7 million students have been trained worldwide and 2.1 million are currently studying.
The Confucius Institute, named after the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, is a non-profit public institution which aims to promote Chinese language and culture in foreign countries.
With the development of China's economy and its extensive international exchanges, the global demand for learning Chinese has dramatically increased.
At present, 67 countries have enacted laws or regulations that list Chinese study as part of their national education systems, and Chinese majors or courses are offered in more than 170 countries.