Laughter yoga gets popular in Egypt

Added On October 9, 2017

Laughter Yoga has now become more popular in Egypt.
It is a new form of Yoga based on general breathing techniques to teach the body how to laugh without relying on jokes.
In a Laughter Yoga class, people were all seated together cross-legged in a big circle. 
Participants laugh physically through breathing techniques. 
It fakes laugh until it becomes real.  
This continuous laughter brings more oxygen to the body and brain, strengthen positive feelings, make the immune system strong and even improve one's interpersonal skills. 
SOUNDBITE  (Arabic):EVA REFAAT, Laughter Yoga trainee
"It's not based on any religious rites or politics, it's only for developing health and mental state for the people in the whole world. So when we laugh, our bodies and minds take benefits. It's not only about laughing, because it has breathing trains and techniques. During we laugh and breathe deeply, that's move Oxygen in the whole body and increase endorphins, which are happiness hormones."
SOUNDBITE  (English): DR. UTE DEVIKA MEINEL, Laughter Yoga instructor
"Stress has turned many people into feeling frustrated, feeling tense, feeling aggressive or feeling depressed, which we didn't know the word depression in Egypt 20 years ago. Nowadays, unfortunately, a lot of people is depressed and stressed, so laughter is the best way out. People say, why should I do fake laughter, because with time, it becomes natural. So if you start by doing, your mind will tell you it's very silly and stupid, but the benefits of your body is huge. So I always teach people do when you at home, when you clean your houses, when you at the traffic, in the car, or when you are riding a bicycle, just giggle." 
Laughter yoga was created in India in the mid 1990's. 
It then quickly grew as a sort of grassroots social movement with community laughter clubs coming up all across the world. 
SOUNDBITE (English): DR. UTE DEVIKA MEINEL, Laughter Yoga instructor
"Laughter Yoga is a new form of Yoga that was developed in India by a medical doctor called Dr. Madan Katani in Bangalore with just simply of five people in a public park like this one. Twenty years later, it's a worldwide movement, where people do laughter yoga in more than 100 countries, including China."