Pro-unity rally held in Madrid

Added On October 9, 2017

Thousands of protestors gathered in Madrid to urge the protection of the Spanish constitution and unity of Spain.
The demonstration comes almost a week after an unsanctioned independence referendum was held in the northeastern region of Catalonia.
People gathered in the Plaza de Colon in Madrid on Sunday. Many held Spanish flags, shouting phrases such as "I am Spanish" or "no dialogue with those taking part in a coup d'etat".
The referendum on Catalonian independence held on Oct. 1 was declared illegal by Spain's Constitutional Court, on grounds it breached the Spanish constitution.
Catalonia's regional president, Carles Puigdemont, announced he would appear in the regional parliament on Tuesday to explain the political situation. 
Monday's meeting was suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court to pre-empt a hypothetical push for independence.
Several individuals and groups have put themselves forward as mediators, but so far no definitive decision has been taken.
Some ten companies have already taken steps to relocate their headquarters from Catalonia to other areas in Spain over fears of an unilateral declaration of independence.
Spain's Minister of Public Works, Inigo de la Serna, said the moves are, quote, "a first step of what could repeatedly happen" if there were to be a unilateral declaration of independence.
The Spanish government announced a decree on Friday making it easier for companies to move their headquarters from Catalonia.