Companies to relocate headquarters in Spain

Added On October 10, 2017

About ten companies have decided to relocate their legal headquarters from Catalonia to other places in Spain over fears of an unilateral declaration of independence.
After an illegal referendum over independence was held last Sunday, several companies decided to move their headquarters away from this Spanish northeastern region. 
Companies include water management company SGAB and Gas Natural Fenosa have announced the relocation of their legal headquarters.
Banks such as Banco Mediolanum, Caixabank and Banc Sabadell also made similar decisions.
It is reported that more companies are considering moving out of Catalonia. 
Spain's Minister of Public Works said that these moves are just "a first step of what could repeatedly happen" if there is a unilateral declaration of independence.
The Spanish government announced a decree on Friday that makes it easier for companies to leave Catalonia and move their headquarters to other places in Spain.