UK prepares for "no deal" in Brexit talks

Added On October 10, 2017

More news about the Brexit.
It is reported that Britain has drawn up contingency plans for a "No deal" result in negotiations over its future with the European Union.
The Sunday Telegraph claimed that there are plans to "unlock" billions of pounds in the new year to prepare for a "no deal" Brexit, if talks make no progress.
Talks have stalled over key issues including EU citizens' rights, a financial settlement and Northern Ireland border.
Last month Prime Minister Theresa May used a speech in Florence to set out proposals for a two-year transition period after the UK leaves the EU in March 2019, in a bid to ease the deadlock.
British Brexit Secretary David Davis hinted earlier that Britain could leave the EU without a deal.
He said if the Brexit talks fail, Britain was ready "for any contingency and any outcome".
British Minister Dominic Raab said while the UK has to "strive for the very best outcome" from Brexit negotiations, it has to "prepare for all eventualities".