Indian dance festival showcase"stick-dance"

Added On October 10, 2017

Today India continues to enjoy different dance forms, many arising from centuries-old traditions.
Popular dances range from ancient classical performances to contemporary bollywood. 
But now another form of 'festival dance' is gaining increasing popularity  across the country. Many know it as the 'stick-dance'. 
Let's go over to India to take a look.
In India dance festivals offer an array of attractive decor, larger-than-life stages and dazzling illumination.
Participants dress up in traditional dresses with different hues and colours and some put on antique jewellery from head to toe.
And later the visual effects make an even greater impact as performers dance together during the nine days of festival.
Thousands of men and women gather at different places across the country to perform 'stick-dance'.  
SOUNDBITE (English): ASHWANI UPADHYAY, CNC correspondent
"Festivities in India are at its peak as you can see people here are dancing to the tunes of Bollywood music. They are full of enthusiasm, they are full of energy and they are full of music. But center of it all is - sticks."
What makes this folk dance stand apart from other traditional dance forms in India is the use of colourful sticks. 
From wave patterns to triangular steps to butterfly moves - there are numerous steps to be followed in this 'stick-dance'. 
The measured movements of the trained dancers prove very popular with audiences who often are carried along by the performances.
'Dandiya' is a kind of group dance where people shed-away their individuality and become one community, mimicking each other's dance moves.
It's very rhythmic. It's a community dance actually. People enjoy it and it's not very difficult, it's very easy to play with sticks with each other and all. It's not don't have to show your (facial) expressions. You just play it with sticks. That's why it is popular. It has a mass appeal to the public, to the audience." 
SOUNDBITE2 (English): SONALI, Student
I come here every year and enjoy the gathering and I love it. I am a big fan of Pinki Maidasani. 
SOUNDBITE3 (English): PINKI MAIDASANI, Bollywood Singer
"It (The growing popularity) is because of a lot of awareness and different kinds of music getting incorporated in it. So people are liking it. And actually, the young crowd is enjoying it so much." 
The dance festival reflects the fervent creativity of Indian dances, which are now also proving popular all over the world.