Colombia marches for animal rights

Added On October 11, 2017

Animal rights protestors have taken to the streets in Colombia's capital of Bogota, looking to stand up for their mute friends.
The crowd on Monday gathered outside Bogota's Santamaria Bullring, for their tenth annual "for the Rights of Animals" meet.
Demonstrators participated in the march with their pets, especially dogs rescued and adopted from the animal shelters around the city. 
"The biggest problem in our society is human. According to a 2014 census, Bogota has 1.2 million abandoned animals. 60 percent of these animals had a home, we are violating their rights when we buy them, but we do not assume the responsibility of raising them. It seems very easy to abandon them onto the street." 
The march was a part of a Week for Animal Protection campaign that promote the animal rights and pet health across the country. 
SOUNDBITE(Spanish): JULIAN ANDRES COY, "Animals Free From Torture" Foundation
"We celebrate all the advances that exist in the field of animal protection in Colombia. Last year, law 1774 was enacted, which penalizes animal abuse in our country. The law hands down penalties ranging of 12 to 36 months in prison. Due to this law, animals are now considered sentient beings." 
Animal captivity, trafficking of protected species, using exotic animals for shows as well as bullfighting are growing concerns in Colombia.
Bullfighting was outlawed by Bogota's mayor in 2012, but it was overturned by a constitutional court last year.