Zimbabwean artists compete at Chinese talent show

Added On October 11, 2017

In Zimbabwe local artists competed at a Chinese talent show known as Dreamstar Zimbabwe 2017.
This year's first-prize winners were a music group called Footprints Band.
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Footprints band is made up of university friends who discovered their musical talent while they were students.
The talent show, Dreamstar Zimbabwe, is a Chinese initiative that has extended its search for talent to local universities. This year saw 14 contestants showing off their various acts, from singing, to painting and dancing.
Previous winners of the competition have been visited China on a cultural exchange as part of the first prize.
SOUNDBITE(): COURAGE GWAZHIRA, Member of Footprints band
"We are excited. We are interested in this music thing and we know that greater things are yet to come, so we are really anticipating the future because we know there are better things ahead. We really put in a lot of hard work but still the competition was stiff but it really worked."
The Chinese talent show in Zimbabwe is part of a number of cultural exchanges between China and African countries aimed at improving relations.