Palestinian Reconciliation Dialogue

Added On October 11, 2017

Leaders of Hamas movement and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah Party have held the first round of reconciliation dialogue in Cairo.
The dialogue, aimed to end internal division and achieve unity, was called "positive" by an official statement. 
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Egypt's Sisi backs Palestinians to achieve internal reconciliation
The emailed statement was issued after ten hours of dialogue held at the Egyptian Security Intelligence Headquarters in Cairo on Tuesday between the leaders of the two groups. 
The statement said the first round of reconciliation dialogue was dominated by a positive atmosphere.
It said the dialogue had deeply tackled a series of reconciliation issued aiming at lifting sufferings for the people in Gaza.
The dialogue will continue until Thursday and the leaders of the two groups are to hold a news conference of what they would accomplish.
In the meantime, hundreds of Palestinians held a rally in Gaza Strip in support of the Palestinian reconciliation process.
People raised flags and signs, expecting the success of Cairo talks.
"We are here to support all positive steps to reinforce reconciliation. We tell the delegates that going back to failure is not allowed this time. The popular pressure and the Palestinian political powers will counter anyone who tries to sabotage the reconciliation."
"The reconciliation has a reached an advanced stage. It is more serious now than any time before. This should be supported. A positive atmosphere is needed to avoid spoiling the reconciliation."