Cuba's new burial ceremony for independence heroes

Added On October 11, 2017

Cuban President Raul Castro on Tuesday led a new burial ceremony for the island's first independence hero, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes.
In a ceremony at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, Castro placed Cespedes' remains at a new location situated next to the island's national hero, Jose Marti.
Known as the "Father of the Homeland", Cespedes freed his slaves from his plantations in eastern Cuba and led a movement which declared its independence from Spain and started the Ten Years' War in1868.
Meanwhile, a new burial place was also erected for Mariana Grajales, mother of several independence war fighters.
After the ceremony, Castro and other top government and Communist Party officials paid tribute to Cespedes and Grajales at their new burial sites. 
The head of state also placed flowers at the memorials of Jose Marti and Cuban Revolution founder and his brother, Fidel Castro, whose remains are located at the same cemetery.