Death toll rises in California wildfires

Added On October 12, 2017

Local authority confirmed that the death toll has climbed to 21 in the most devastating wildfires in the history of the state. 
California's Governor's office of Emergency Services told the press on Wednesday that the death toll may further rise.
Earlier in the day, Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano told another press conference  that the number of people reported missing has gone up to 560 in the county.
Santa Rosa, the largest city in California's Wine Country and the fifth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, was among the hardest hit counties in the California wildfires. 
California wildfires have burned nearly 170,000 acres of land as of Wednesday, and the blaze has been burning in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Yuba counties since it broke out Sunday.  
More than 3,500 homes and other structures have been burned down in one of the worst fire disasters in the California.
Tens of thousands of households are without power in Sonoma County. About 28,000 have no access to gas service .
The deadly fires in North Bay of California have caused serious damage to the state, and thousands of people were forced to be evacuated.
A large number of homes and commercial facilities were completely destroyed, including hospitals and even parks.