Russian Expert Hails China-russia COOP

Added On October 13, 2017

A Russian expert has hailed the strategic partnership between China and Russia, saying it has become the stabilizer of world peace.
Vladimir Zharikhin, deputy director of Institute of the CIS countries, made the remarks in an interview with CNC Wednesday in Moscow.
Zharikhin mentioned President Xi's first visit to Russia since he took office.
In March 2013, the Chinese president picked Russia as his first stop of state visit, which according to Zharikhin, is a significant indicator.
SOUNDBITE (RUSSIAN): VLADIMIR ZHARIKHIN, deputy director, Institute of the CIS countries
"Traditionally in the post-Soviet era, we are keeping a close eye on the first visit of new politicians. This is to a certain extent an indicator of relations with different countries. Undoubtedly, Russians perceived very positively the fact that the Chinese president chose Russia as the first country to visit."
Zharikhin said that besides politics, the two countries have strengthened economic ties with a number of big projects going steadily, especially the joint development of the wide-body aircraft. 
According to Zharikhin, the strategic partnership forged between the two countries is of huge significance to regional peace and helps safeguard world peace.