Russia Ural ice hockey team beat Jilin city team

Added On October 13, 2017

In the Supreme Hockey League, Jilin City fell to another heavy defeat.
This time the side from Changchun were beaten 0-6 by the Russia Ural ice hockey team.
Jilin were looking to bounce back from a 1-6 loss to the Russian Ruby team on Monday. 
However they were 2-0 down by the end of the first quarter, with the Russian Ural's taking advantage of fast passing and chipping. 
Sitting deep, the hosts had to resort to counter attacks.
Jilin City tried to pressure in the second quarter, but were hit by pair of rapid counter attacks in the last two minutes.
The story was the same in the last period: another pair of goals, and 6-0 loss for Jilin.
SOUNDBITE: AKIFIYEV ALEKS, Russian coach of Jilin City team 
"There are many reasons for the failure. One of them is team wingers lacking ability to score. If we could score two points in the first quarter, the result would probably be rewritten."
Jilin City team will look to turn their luck, when they play the Russian Eagles on Sunday.