Firecracker ban in New Delhi

Added On October 13, 2017

India's Supreme Court has temporarily banned the sale of firecrackers in New Delhi in a bid to control air pollution.
The decision comes after air pollution in the capital jumped to 'lethal' levels last year. 
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The decision comes a few days ahead of Hindu festival 'Diwali' to be celebrated on October 19th this year.
The festival is usually met with millions of firecrackers, pushing up pollution to alarming levels.
Among many other factors, pollution created by firecrackers was considered responsible for the rise in air-pollutants.
Pronouncing the decision, the Supreme Court argued that the ban is only temporary to Oct. 31st, in order to check whether the move would improve the air-quality this time. 
However, traders are complaining. Some see the decision as a huge blow to their business, as well as the wider industry.
They argue the court should have made its decision before they were issued permits, and are demanding compensation.
Interestingly, the Indian apex court has only banned the 'sale' of firecrackers. It has not prohibited people to burn them in the city.
The decision leaves scope for people to buy firecrackers from outside New Delhi and return home with them.