Transformation of Kenya's vocational training

Added On October 13, 2017

With Chinese machines transforming vocational training in Kenya, youth in the country are inspired to pursue the quality vocational training.
CNC has details.
Esther Apetet's childhood dream was fulfilled last month when she secured a place at Kenya Technical Trainers College to pursue a diploma in mechanical engineering.
Defying stereotypes, she decided to enroll in a discipline that has for decades been shunned by Kenyan girls. 
Now the 19-year-old college student is determined to succeed and leave behind a legacy worth emulating.
Her new school is a beneficiary of several computer numerically controlled machines.
They were supplied by China's AVIC International Holding Corporation in July, as part of its ambitious goal to help transform vocational training in Kenya. 
Apetet hailed the state-of-the-art machines, saying they had inspired her to pursue engineering with vigor.
"I would like to thank Chinese companies for bringing us the machines that are easier for us to use and acquire the skills that would help us in life and our work places in future."
She noted that automated milling machines supplied by the Chinese company are a departure from their manual counterparts in terms of efficiency and speed.
"The equipment seems easier to use and they are also great. Some of them are not manually used, they are computerized that will be easier to use because I will be entering the figures and it will work out for me. That would be easier than using manual maybe when holding something, manually I hold by hand and this would be easier to use."
Kenya Technical Trainers College is one of the oldest vocational training centers in the country.
With the new machines, it now looks to boost skills and employment among young learners
"What has been happening, the industry has been complaining about the gap between the training and what is happening in the industry. So the fact they will be able to use the machine here, it will assist in the employ-ability because it's going to be more skilled."
In 2010, AVIC International signed a 30-million-U.S.-dollar agreement with Kenya's Ministry of Education, to help establish technical and vocational laboratories in Kenya.
The Chinese company has helped equip 10 centers across the country. It also provides solutions on areas including curriculum content and instructor training. 
About 15,000 Kenyans have been trained in the phase I of the project.