Spain celebrates National Day amid Catalan crisis

Added On October 13, 2017

Spanish King Felipe VI presided over the traditional parade, which was held a day after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gave Monday as an ultimatum to Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont to verify whether or not he had declared the independence on Oct. 10 speech.

Along with the ultimatum, Rajoy also gave Puigdemont further three days to withdraw the declaration, in the case of an affirmative answer, before starting procedures to suspend Catalan autonomy.
On Thursday's parade, King Felipe VI was surrounded by political leaders from all of Spain's Autonomous Regions with the exception of Catalonia. 
The parade saw the participation of 3,900 military personnel, 78 aircraft and 84 vehicles in Madrid. The scale has made it the largest compared with last year's scale.
But shortly after the parade, a fighter jet was reportedly crashed, which was later confirmed by the Defense Ministry. 
The Defense Ministry explained the accident happened when the aircraft, one of four Eurofighters which took part in the parade, crashed as it was approaching the runway. 
The causes of the accident are still unknown.