Fatah, Hamas sign reconciliation

Added On October 13, 2017

In a meeting in Cairo, Fatah and Hamas agreed to a complete handover of Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip to Fatah by December 1st.

Cairo also brokered a similar agreement in 2011.
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC) Saleh al-Arouri, Head of "Hamas" delegation in Cairo
"We have touched on the direct issues which are relating about the Palestinian government's entrance into Gaza. We are very serious and ready, as you will see that we will do our best to make the reconciliation succeed."
Egypt has invited all the Palestinian factions from the 2011 reconciliation agreement to a meeting in Cairo on November 21, a few days before complete handover of Gaza to Fatah.
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC) Azzam Al-Ahmad, Head of "Fatah" delegation to Egypt:
"It is clear that Egypt is always keen on the Arab national security as it is the guarantor of security for the Arab world, including the Palestinian people."
However Israel, who has held the Gaza Strip since 1967, was quick to dismiss the agreement. 
The country holds Hamas responsible for all terror activities that come from Gaza, as long as the group doesn't disarm and keeps calling for Israel's destruction.