Yao embroidery taught in school

Added On October 13, 2017

Huangshi Primary School, in Hezhou city.

Here, children aged 10 to 12 are learning from local embroiders how to make Yao Embroidery.
According to Quan Hantong, president of the primary school, the pupils attend the lessons every Tuesday and Thursday.
SOUNDBITE: QUAN HANTONG, President of Huangshi Primary School
"We established this program to help our students better understand the ancient culture of the Yao ethnic people and inherit it. In this way, the culture can be passed on to generations in the future."
Learning from masters, the children are taught some of the fundamental patterns and colors used in the craft - as well as some of the rules. 
Once, young Yao girls would learn the embroidery skills, but skills began to fade away with modern life. 
Now thanks to efforts like these, and the crafts listing as an intangible cultural heritage, the thread is being kept alive.