19th CPC national congress-Foreign experts on CPC leadership

Added On October 17, 2017

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will open on Wednesday.

The would-be landmark event in the history of the ruling party has already attracted increasing attention from across the world.
Experts and analysts worldwide say the world's second largest economy has made great achievements over the years thanks to the leadership of the CPC.
Takes a listen.
SOUNDBITES:IVAN ZUENKO, Russian Academy of Sciences
"The key achievement of the past five years is that President Xi Jinping has tackled these thorny problems in an institutional way. The aim of Chinese leadership is to revitalize the great China, realize the Chinese dream."
SOUNDBITE:DMITRY MEZENTSEV, Russia-China Friendship Association
"All of those who connected with political, social and economic life of China note that the Communist Party of China is a skillful leader of a huge state. It always makes acute and quick response to current affairs, phenomenon or trend inreal life."
SOUNDBITE: JON R. TAYLOR, University of St. Thomas
"We can clearly show what the party has done in the last five years with the number of achievements that have happened. The question will be, how can the party show, here's where we're going to go for the next five years. I think they'll be able to do that without any problem." 
Experts said the upcoming 19th CPC Congress arouses great interest across the globe.
SOUNDBITES: IVAN ZUENKO,  Russian Academy of Sciences
"I think not only Russia keeps an eye on the Congress, but the whole world, because China is the biggest in terms of population and has second largest economy in the world. It is impossible to understand where the world is going without understanding the process taking place in China. International relations also depend on what kind of economy and politics China is going to have." 
SOUNDBITE:DMITRY MEZENTSEV, Russia-China Friendship Association
"The upcoming 19th congress will analyze what has been done since the 18th congress of the party. This will arouse great interest all over the world. I am convinced that new ideas will be proposed for continuing improving livelihood of Chinese people, building moderately prosperous society, and realizing Chinese dream. I am sure that this will be supported by all Chinese people."
SOUNDBITE: JON R. TAYLOR, University of St. Thomas
"What will be interesting to see is what kind of message will be conveyed. 
And I think the message will be tying economic reform to further political reforms, and the political reforms are primarily in the area of eliminating corruption as much as possible, streamlining government, particularly the administrative side. I think the party in particular is concerned about how this plays into the entire idea of social stability and social harmony."