I am in Hainan

Added On November 6, 2017

SOUNDBITE Australian Visitor
 "I never knew Hainan is a tropical paradise. I didn' t even know that China has its own Hawaii." 
At this event in Beijing, potential foreign tourists are learning a few things about Hainan' s tourist gems.
The theme of the event is “I am in Hainan”, where foreign guests are invited to discover the specialties of this beautiful and quieter isle - such as: coconut snacks, monkeys and golf courses.
Another part of the event sees foreign guests who have traveled to Hainan invited to share their stories.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Dorian, Australian Visitor
 "The best experience was definitely riding horses. And I was really excited to ride the horse in the beach." 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Brad, Australian Visitor
 "I will definitely recommend experiences like that to my friends and families." 
Guests were also entertained by a series of traditional dances.
The event is part of a wider drive by the island, to attract more international visitors to China's most Southern Province. 
 "We invited tens of foreign travel talents to Hainan. They gave feedbacks on many aspects ranging from airport, road posts to menus. Then we make comprehensive revisions based on the feedbacks." 
Wang says that more than 100 direct flights to Hainan will be open by 2020. 
The commission will use tailor-made marketing to appeal to each of the orgin countries.
He adds that other efforts are underway, such as visa-free entry to Hainan for tourists, and using premium videos to recommend Hainan on mainstream and social media.