Alibaba's drones deliver packages over water

Added On November 13, 2017

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba announced that it has used unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, to deliver packages over water for the first time.
Three drones, carrying a total six boxes of passion fruit with a combined weight of around 12 kilograms, flew from Putian in east China's Fujian Province to nearby Meizhou Island on October 31.
Flying into a strong wind, the drones took nine minutes to make the five-kilometer crossing. 
Each drone can carry up to seven kilograms.
Alibaba is planning to use drones to deliver high value-added products such as fresh food and medical supplies over water in the future.
Using drones to deliver packages has increased in recent years. 
Another Chinese e-commerce platform started conducting trial deliveries using drones in 2016.