Mobile payments popular in Philippines

Added On November 13, 2017

Mobile payment is regarded as one of the new Four Great Inventions in China. 
Nowadays, e-business companies have marched to Southeast Asian markets and bring the efficiency to these places. 
GCash, which is called Alipay's Philippines version, is introduced to Glorietta, a mall located in the CBD of Manila on November 11. 
It is the first time for a mall to use QR payments in the Philippines.
GCash owns over 5 million users around the country.
Using QR payments has become a fashion for consumers in the Philippines. 
Ant Financial Services acquires some shares of GCash. The system is benefiting from Chinese technological and financial support.
Soundbite: ALBERT TINIO, CEO of GCash
"Corporating or learning from China is a big thing. And I think that because China Fintech have been doing this for several years, their experience, what they know, in terms of technology, in terms of operation and process, learning that from them, we are faster on journey."
Although QR payments have not yet gained a large scale of popularity in the Philippines, the concept of mobile payments has penetrated in the daily life of the public.