Electric tuk-tuks introduced in Egypt

Added On November 14, 2017

Tuk-tuks have long been seen racing through the world's cities, using their small frame to dart in and out of traffic.

Now the little vehicles are coming to Egypt, only these ones are near silent. 
Let's take a look.
The electric tuk-tuks have been introduced to Egypt as a way to overcome the "expensive" local fuel, and as a way to make the country a bit eco-friendlier.
Each is equipped with a couch at the back, a sunroof, air conditioning, in addition to a counter that shows the electricity rate consumption. 
Their batteries are charged for 8 hours, which allow each four-wheeled vehicle to run for about 10 hours. 
A co-owner of a tuk-tuk company said the newly imported technology is helping to solve a lot of problems at home.
SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic):ISMAIL ABDELHAMID KOUSA, Co-owner of a tuk-tuk company
"Now the oil price is steep and there is much environmental pollution. We have been working on these issues for a time. Now, we were able to import tuk-tuk. This vehicle is powered by electricity. There is no noise, pollution or exhaust fumes. It's a luxury vehicle as it is air-conditioned, and has a digital speedmeter and a battery indicator."
Due to its cheap fares, Egyptians heavily depend on tuk-tuk, in addition to the fact that it is a fast means of transport in busy streets. 
It also created a lot of job opportunities in Egypt.