Exploring new delhi's heritage by foot

Added On November 14, 2017

The Indian capital of New Delhi is attempting to get people walking, and learn more about the city they live in. 
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This year's Delhi Walk Festival sees the city open up for 11 days, with around 170 curated walks around its different areas. 
The festival is one of its kind in India, bringing together authors,journalists, historians, urban planners, architects and culinary experts.
As well as getting some exercise, participants also can get a peep into usually missed or unknown parts of the city. 
"Delhi has a rich cultural and historical legacy, a lot of which is being rendered invisible by the rapid pace of urbanization. Walking is not just an act of connecting with the city, but also making its spaces more breathable and liveable."
Heritage walking has been gaining popularity in Delhi, mostly driven by middle-class professionals who otherwise have no time to explore the city. 
The walled city of Delhi seems like a confused piece of antiquity, surviving into modern times. 
Old narrow lanes have plaster peeling from the walls, while electrical cables dangle from the buildings. 
Commercialization has crept in, with many of the old houses turned into shops.
Walking with fresh eyes, many of the participants lament how parts of the city are falling into ruin.  
"Well, this walk festival actually exposes not only the beauty of this city but the decay of the cultures, living lifestyles, heritage, architecture and you know the physicality of the city and the mentality of the city both ". 
SOUNDBITE(ENG) ANJU, Walking Participant
"Look at this place, you are going into the intricacies or internals of this place. I have been to this place many times but I haven't looked up and seen all those dilapidated buildings. So now, I do want to save this culture and if something I can contribute, I will be very happy and through this walk only I can get to know about these things." 
With the rapid urbanization and a greater reliance on transport, walking in Indian cities is at an all time low. 
In a recent study, the average Indian was found to walk just 4,300 steps a day, putting the country 39th out of 46 overall.