Global trade growth in Q4

Added On November 15, 2017

The World Trade Organization predicts global trade to continue growing slowly in the fourth quarter.
According to the WTO, its latest World Trade Outlook Indicator read 102.2 in September, showing a recovery of trade in the second and third quarters.
Readings above 100 suggests stronger growth, while those below 100 indicates trade slowing down. 
Global export orders remain above trend but have turned downward recently, suggesting that trade growth will moderate but remain fairly strong in the coming months.
Surveys for international air freight and container shipping have also lost upward momentum. 
However there was better figures for the car industry, which shows signs of having bottomed out. 
Meanwhile, a study from the Ifo Institute for Economic Research said economic experts are confident about the prospects for global economic growth.
The Munich-based think tank's Global Economic Climate Indicator rose by 3.9 points to 17.1 points in the fourth quarter - its highest level in six years.
Ifo president said the gradual recovery of the global economy appears to be gaining traction.
Experts further predicted that the U.S. dollar's exchange rate against other currencies would continue to strengthen, while inflation rose across the world.