Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

Added On November 15, 2017

An American Christmas tradition got underway on Friday...
...As the "Rockettes" high-kicked off their Christmas Spectacular at New York's Radio City Music Hall.
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The famous Christmas show, with a history of over 80 years, returned to New York at the weekend.
Embraced by generations of families, the Christmas Spectacular is a one-of-a-kind tradition where the unmistakable festive spirit comes alive.
"We are really excited about the 2017 year of Radio City Spectacular, it’s the 85th season. And this year we did a whole new technological overhaul for the show, we have brand new digital technology, digital projections on the arches of the theater before what only go out on the four, and it‘s gonna go out on all eight and the ceiling. So anywhere you are sitting in the house, you are gonna be completely immersed in the show in whatever scene you are taken into."
Technological enhancements in this year's Christmas Spectacular include updated graphics, as well as complete visual transformations of scenes. 
Digital mapping, which previously covered four arches, now immerses the entire audience in the action throughout the 90-minute production.
The rockettes are also touring cities outside New York.
"We bring Christmas out to people who couldn't make it to New York to see the Spectacular, we bring Christmas to them. We love sharing the joy of a holiday."
This year's Spectacular will run until January 1st.